Focus on education.
Let technology handle the rest.

It’s Time

Modernize Your Education Center

Your education center is crucial for the next generation. With today’s technology, you can eliminate hindering tasks and get back to focusing on what’s really important: your students’ education.

is everything you need to enhance your education center with the conveniences of modern technology.

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Clear & Familiar

Crafted with design philosophies
from the industry’s best.

This is one office tool that everyone will enjoy looking at. Anyone who has used today’s devices can easily understand how to navigate , and information is organized so as to exploit your instincts and maximize findability.

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Every Aspect Simplified

Education centers are complex.
’s promise is to simplify that complexity.

The best way to achieve this is to break it into different parts and focus on them individually in a comprehensive manner.

That’s exactly what we did.


Build a Solid Foundation

Everyone at your education center benefits from a solid foundation. The Administration environment allows you to put together a digital representation of your education center, from campus locations, to subject matters that are taught, to books that you use, and much more.

The starting point of everything that can be done at your education center is here.

Functionality administration

Course Planning

Time for Quality

The quality of your syllabi is the quality of your students’ learning.

We’ve removed everything that can get in the way of course planners, so that they can focus on the most important part of their job: planning and building an effective syllabus. But we didn’t stop there.

All of that time saved can be repurposed to supplement your syllabi with lesson plans, to inspire teachers to execute their courses in the most effective way possible.

Time spent on old tools can now be spent for more quality.

Functionality course planning


Connecting the Dots,
on Schedule!

Computers are great at doing repetitive tasks, so why not tell them where the dots are, and let them do the connecting?

Enrolling students, scheduling employees, keeping track of loaned items, reviewing students’ performance, attendances, giving grades, communicating information to parents…

Sounds like a lot of work? Not to us. We think of something like generating an entire course as just a few clicks.

Functionality coordination

Bookkeeping 1

Don’t Let a Payment Slip

Folders get heavy, and papers get lost, but computers always stay slim, and the web’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Record every transaction, including student fees, loan deposits, and product sales, create payslips for your employees and transmit them digitally.

Everything is kept safely in the cloud, taking exactly no space, and weighing exactly nothing. Save the backaches for those restless children, not for boxes of papers.

1 Not a point of sale system.

Functionality bookkeeping


Today’s Lesson: Efficiency

What makes successful classes of students? The answer is simple: engaging and well-prepared teachers who are supported by the right tools.

Give your teachers the tools to make fun lesson plans that they can share with other teachers, and over time, your education center can have a rich collection of lesson plans, tweaked and perfected by your teachers for efficiency.

Functionality teaching


Welcome Home

Parents will never be in the dark about their student’s progress again. At home, parents and students will have access to their progress, including the awards they’ve been granted and their grades, with absolutely no extra work on anyone’s part.

Functionality education

The Earth

Clean for the Future Generation

Make your education center part of the global effort to protect the Earth for the generations that we are raising.

By moving to a digital solution, not only is your workflow simplified, but you can also reduce unecessary paperwork and minimize your dependence on non-renewable resources, saving you time and money.

Parents will be proud to know that the education center they chose is also working to provide their children with a clean and healthy future.


After submitting the following form, we will contact you with more information about pricing and procedures to complete modernizing your education center with .


Country where your education center operates. Select “International” if it’s more than one country.

Number of students enrolled.

Preferred Contact Method

You may be presented with a puzzle to solve for security reasons.

Full Feature Set

For Version 1.3


  • Manage locations, classrooms, office hours.

  • Manage off days.

  • Manage subjects and levels.

  • Manage books.

  • Create products from scratch or based on a book.

  • Create loanable items from scratch or based on a product.

  • Manage teacher categories.

  • Manage student groups.

  • Manage grading units used for examinations.

  • Manage items used on payslips.

  • Manage codes used for scheduling working hours.

  • Manage your education center’s default settings.

Account Management

  • Create, browse, and manage employee & customer accounts, including resetting passwords and closing accounts.

  • Manage employee payment agreements.

  • Manage employee availability hours.

  • Manage customer students.

Course Planning

  • Create, browse, and manage syllabi.

  • Add lessons to a syllabus.

  • Add lesson plans to each lesson in each syllabus.

  • Add and manage examinations for a syllabus, including competences and setting the appropriate grading unit.

  • Create, browse, and manage student evaluation forms.


  • Loan items and manage loaned items.

  • Schedule working hours for employees.

  • Generate courses based on a syllabus, modify courses with custom events, set primary classroom and teacher.

  • Browse and manage courses, including entering attendances, examination grades, granting awards to students, and publishing all of this information to allow customers and students to view them at home.

  • Enroll students in courses, and manage enrollments, including cancelling and re-enrolling.

  • Assign head teachers to courses, and schedule teachers to classes.

  • Assign student evaluation forms to courses, review teachers’ evaluation submissions, submit evaluations on behalf of teachers, and publish evaluations to allow customers and students to view them at home.


  • Record payment information for student enrollment fees.2

  • Record payment information for loaned item deposits, including records for refunding deposits.2

  • Record payment information for product sales.2

  • Browse all payment records.

  • Create payslips for employees.3

2 Not a point of sale system. A payment processing system is not included with this application. Payment Records are for keeping records of information only.

3 A payment deposit system is not included with this application. Payslips are for keeping records of information only.


  • View teaching calendar.

  • Enter student attendances, examination grades, grant awards to students.

  • Create, update, manage, and browse lesson plans.

  • Share lesson plans with education center to make it available to course planners and other teachers.

  • Copy and edit lesson plans from course planners or other teachers to personalize them for personal use.

  • Submit student evaluations.

All Employees

  • Edit account personal information.

  • View working and teaching calendar.

  • Consult and confirm loaned items.

  • Consult and confirm payslips.

Education (Customers’ Environment)

  • Consult students’ courses, including grades, attendance, awards, and evaluations.

  • Edit account personal information.

Additional Information

  • Pricing is based on the maximum limit on the number of students that can be enrolled at a time. Payments are made via PayPal (yearly or monthly) or direct deposits (yearly only). A free, limited trial is available. Pricing, pricing model, payment methods, pricing frequency, and trial offer are subject to change at any time. Please contact us for more information.

  • Updates are automatically installed for all subscribers with no action required on their part.

  • is a cloud-based application, meaning that it is not installed on a local computer at your education center. It is accessible anywhere in the world via a web browser.

  • Most of the data stored in the cloud-based application can be downloaded as spreadsheets in the *.csv file format.

  • is available in English, with partial French and Vietnamese support (in progress).

  • When your education center is added to the EDcenter cloud-based application, it will be given its own unique web address in this format: https://***, where the *** is the code name of your education center. For example:

  • Mobile interface is still in development (some parts are already available).

  • Requires a modern browser. Works with Edge 16+, Safari 6.1+, Chrome 29+, FireFox 28+, or equivalent. Internet Explorer (any version) may display the app improperly.

  • Some of the screenshots on this page may differ from the current version.